5 Things to do in Bikaner Visit

Bikaner is one of the desert city situated in Rajasthan, India. Bikaner is known for its food and guest culture so If you have decided to come to Bikaner, We will tell you what should you do in your Bikaner visit. But before we talk about that first we need to reach there so let’s talk about reaching to Bikaner.

Three ways to Reach Bikaner

Bikaner is well connected with Road network, Railways and now flights are also available. There are direct trains from major cities of India, like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur and many more cities. Now you can also reach from a flight, Bikaner is connected from the flight from Jaipur. Roads are also available from all major cities.

so now we will talk about what should you do in Bikaner.

Food to eat in your Bikaner visit

Bikaner is famous for its food traditions. In Bikaner, you can try to eat Bhujia, Namkeens and other Bengali sweets also. Although Bikaner is in Rajasthan but you can taste some good Bengali sweets but Bikaner is known for its snacks, Haldiram a famous Indian food chain started its business in Bikaner.  So if you are there you should try them.


Rajasthan is a land of history. Many royal families ruled over it, Bikaner is not an exception. In the Bikaner, Rathore kings ruled over it. There is a palace named ‘Junagarh’ you should visit this. Many temples are situated in Bikaner which you can visit like Laxminath Temple and Bhandashah Temple. Tulsi Smarak is also a place to visit.  The famous temple of Karni Mata is also situated in Deshnok which is situated 30 kilometres from Bikaner. This temple is known for Rats.  There are rats all over this temple.  There are few museums also there like Ganga Museum, Sadul Museum etc.


Bikaner’s people are very friendly and supportive. You should visit the old city and should see their way of living. You should go to market like Bada Bazaar which is very congested and still in old style. It is near Laxminath Temple. Bikaner is also known for its festivals like Holi, Aakhateej etc.  In Bikaner every year a famous camel festival is organised by the government. In which camels are shown. Bikaner is a desert place so in ancient time people used camels to transport things or for going one place to another place. This festival is to celebrate camels.  This festival usually happens in January month of the year.

Sand Dunes in Bikaner

Bikaner is situated in Thar desert. So if you visit villages you can see sand dunes. These sand dunes keep changing their places.  If you visit Bikaner you should go and watch sand dunes. You can also enjoy Desert Safari in Bikaner. A lot of tourists enjoy a campfire in winters.


There are markets in Bikaner where you can buy traditional clothes. You can also buy Usta arts items. Usta arts is a Bikaner’s traditional painting art which is done on camel skin. You can buy Snacks for you from Bikaner. You should take home Bhujia and Namkeen with you.

Hope you would have enjoyed our article keep sharing and enjoy your Bikaner visit.


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