Wake Up

Wake Up – Its already morning. Sounds illogical? I am already up. I wake up before sun rises and many other thoughts are juggling in your mind after reading the title. Actually, you are right at some point, But “Wake Up” doesnot mean here to be get out of “BED”, but wake up towards the … Read more

You Are Special..

In life sometimes we feel so low and broken because we react according to people’s judgement and not with reaction of our inner voice. You just need to take a step back. Look at yourself. You are so beautiful. And You can be anything. You can be everything. Do not hate everyone because someone broke … Read more

Our Mission

We feel that our mission should be providing ideas of various fields in the single portal. People are searching for ideas and they have many ideas but they don’t have proper channel by which they can share their ideas. Givemeidea.com will give people a great hope.