Everything you wants to know about different types of Web Hosting

So you have decided to start a website, and you have just heard a word called Hosting, and you do not have any idea what web hosting is. We will tell you everything you need to know about starting your website.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting companies host every website we see in the world. Web hosting is a service which provides space to websites. This space refers to web server space where your website files are stored so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world using browsers. So the question arises here why we need it? We need this space so that user can connect to our website. Whenever the user wants to visit any website he types the domain name (like www.google.com) in the address bar of the browser, then that browser sends a request to the server, and then that server responds according to the request and displays the web page.

Web hosts companies use the special computer called server to save those files. These computers are more powerful and have different configurations. These computers always remain on.  They always remain connected to high-speed internet. These web hosting company have lots of servers. When there are a lot of servers this facility is called Datacenter.

To use the hosting service we require to have a domain name. This domain name is a string which connects your website with the internet.

Domain Names

Domain names are the strings which identify the IP addresses. Well, Internet consists a lot of IP addresses. The IP address is a numerical address like this this is an IP address. But remembering IP addresses of various websites is not an easy task. Domain names make this task very easy. Every domain has a suffix which tells about which top level domain it belongs there are some examples of domain names suffix.

.gov Government Domain
.mil Military Domain Name
.edu Educational Institutions
.com Commercial Business
.org Non-Profit Organisations
.in India country specific domain
.ca Canada Specific domain

Hosting companies helps you to obtain a domain name so that you can use that for hosting your website.

Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting companies provide various types of hosting according to the user’s needs. Let us discuss a different type of web hostings.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a very basic type of hosting and it is also cheap. It is like you are sharing a room with someone. In this type of hosting there is one server which is shared with many people. They have resources which are shared with websites. This hosting is relatively cheaper than other hostings but the biggest con is that if any website is using more resources than other websites becomes slow and sometimes non-responsive. If you are just a beginner then you can choose this hosting.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual private server is a virtual server which is provided by the hosting companies. On this type of server, the user can install whichever software he wants to install. Any operating system can be installed on this server. These servers give you feel of a dedicated server, and they do fulfil its purpose. But these virtual private servers are not dedicated servers. They only give you feel of a dedicated server in the real world they are also a shared server. Virtual private servers share many resources with other VPS like bandwidth etc.

Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting is a type of web hosting.

Cloud technology is relatively new technology which is changing our life. Many cloud solutions are there around us. Google Drive and Dropbox is an example of cloud computing. In cloud computing, the processing power of the computer is shared with many other devices. Cloud hosting is the network of servers. In traditional web hosting, there is one machine on which website pages are stored. In cloud hosting, these files are stored on different servers. This architecture protects data. Cloud hosting supports scalability. It means if your website grows you can easily add other resources like RAM, Storage etc.

Dedicated Hosting

In Dedicated hosting, web hosting companies provides a full physical server to you. This server is for your exclusive use nobody else share this server with you. You also get root access to that server, you can install any OS you want.   Dedicated hosting is different than managed hosting web hosting company manages the manged hosting. Managed dedicated hosting is preferred by the clients who do not have the knowledge to run the servers. Unmanaged hosting is preferred by web developers and system administrators.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation servers refer to those servers which are owned by someone else and located at some third party data centres. To run servers lot of things needs to be done like cooling the servers, constant electricity supply, Highspeed internet etc. It is not easy to manage servers. Colocation hosting is provided by data centres where all requirements are already fulfilled for a server. At that data centres, companies provide a facility that you can put your server there and they will take care of it. The owner of the server pays rents of the physical space to the hosting company. The hosting company take care of cooling the server, high bandwidth etc.


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