A Fable of Life changing experience

review of the monk who sold his ferrari

A little bit of fragrance always clings in the hands that gives you Rose.

This chinese proverb is the essence of the life of Julian Mantle. Julian Mantle who is a renowned litigator who have got all the things which every common person has ever thought, but one day while fighting a case he fell down on the floor. He suffered from a heart attack…. This is the story of the book The Monk Who Sold His FERRARI written by Robin sharma.

Robin have written this book in a very interesting way, He has written a fable which tells us about fulfilling our dreams and to reach our destiny. Julian who has everything but he felt that there is something missing in life, after heart attack he decides to search true meaning of his life, for that he decides to come to India a mystical land to find answers to his questions. On a life changing odyssey he finds powerful and wise teaching which if we follow in our life, our life will become more fulfilled.

Julian Mantle meets the sages of Sivana in Himalaya, who have discovered a way by which if followed our life can become more simpler and good. Julian meets yogi Raman, who is one of the sage of Sivana. Yogi Raman teaches Julian those ways by which if followed a person will be less worry and in less tension.

According to yogi Raman there are seven virtues of enlightened way of living.

7 virtues of enlightened way of living

  1. Master your mind
  2. Follow your purpose
  3. Practice Kaizen
  4. Live with Discipline
  5. Respect your time
  6. Selflessly serve others
  7. Embrace the Present

These seven virtues are well described in a book in a story which will bind reader till the end of the book.

Robin has successfully written a story which indeed if followed It will bring change in our life. This books also have lot of quotes which will be great to preserve and read them daily. I will recommend this book to read It may help you to find your destiny. This book is full of practical examples of techniques if followed it will bring happiness.

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  1. आशा है यह ब्लॉग भविष्य में भी अनवरत अच्छा कार्य करता रहेगा और युवाओं को नए नए आइडियाज देता रहेगा

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