Incredible Maze: Life

Human life is like a maze. The maze starts from the day we born and we do not know when will this maze end or where it will take us. This is the beauty of this life. You start your journey with some plan but life never stays on a fixed path. It makes you find ways in a maze. Like in a maze, you do not know what will you see in next turn same apply in life what will you get next moment of your life you do not know.

Sometimes life takes a wonderful turn and it gives you success and sometimes you get failures. You can consider them as milestones in the journey of your life. They are the part of your journey, not the destination. In life’s maze, you get many people who love you. Some of them become an integral part of your life. Some people left you they may exit your life’s maze.

You should enjoy this maze. Because even if you do not enjoy you can not escape it. Live happily.

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