Reaction of India over Pakistan after Uri attack

It was 18 september 2016, in early morning we just wake up and heard about the terrorist attack in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir. It was a tight slap on every Indian. Why Pakistani terrorists succeeded in attacking our soldiers. Are we so helpless that we can not do anything to stop such attacks.  Four terrorists killed 17 of our brave soldiers. What was their fault?  Is that they are protecting their country was their fault? as every Indian I was also feeling angry over this coward act of Pakistani terrorists. This made me think about why India and Pakistan have such issues and what are the solution for it.

We need to look at some of the reasons behind it.

Why There are Differences between two Nations

two flags of india and pakistan on table. India and Pakistan's relationship is in new trouble. Pakistani militants attacked in Indian army camp in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir.
Pakistan and India relationship after Uri attack on India

Birth of Pakistan happened due to Mohd Ali Jinna’s two nation theory. According to this Hindu and Muslim cannot live together so they should not live together and new country should be formed for Muslims. It was an ideology which was based on religion and not on ethnicity or language. Jinna thought that Muslims in India cannot live together so he decided to make a new country Pakistan.

Reason 1

Pakistan’s birth was based on two nations theory so they have to show India a country where muslims are oppressed. Their school textbooks are full of anti hindu materials. If India do development in economy, defence, science etc. It will destroy the two nations theory.

Reason 2

This reason is also related to two nation theory, India’s social structure is such that it takes all religions with it. If India have harmony between hindus and muslims that will also put pakistan’s integrity in danger because according to two nations theory hindu and muslims can not live together. It will hit at the base of the reason on which Pakistan was formed. It is necessary for them to put India as a enemy country to their people. For that they have started lot of propaganda against India.

Reason 3

Pakistan’s army is too powerful in Pakistan. They are in every field of the country. Pakistan’s army handle issues related to India. If relation between India and Pakistan improves then it will be existential threat for Pakistan army. Pakistan army was raised to save itself from India. If there is good relationship between the nations there will be no need for such a big army.

Reason 4

Pakistan is a Islamic republic. In Jiya Ul Haq’s regime Pakistan’s religious preachers and religious institutions get entry in Pakistan’s political system. That made Pakistan’s people more radicalized. Pakistan’s majority population is Sunni Muslims which is directly influenced by Saudi Arabia.

Reason 4:- Kashmir Conflict

There are many conflicts between India and Pakistan but the main conflict between both of these nation is a Kashmir Issue. India possesses  43% of entire region and 37% is illegally occupied by Pakistan. Pakistan gave remaining land to China as a gift. India and Pakistan both claim whole region as their own. India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir. First in 1947, second in 1965 and third in 1999 Kargil war. In every event Indian Forces failed the malicious plans of Pakistani Army. (1971 war was not fought over Kashmir.)

Reason 5 :- Terrorism

Pakistan army failed in getting Kashmir in direct army intervention. So they decided to use jihadi elements against India. Pakistan always claim that terrorists are their non state actors. Pakistan sponsored terrorists have done lot of attacks on Indian cities. Mumbai attack on 26-11-2008 was the one of the deadliest attack by Pakistani terrorists. Ten armed militants entered into Mumbai through sea way. They attacked Taj hotel, Nariman house and many other places.

Pakistan has used terrorism as its state policy against India. Pakistan always try to incite rogue elements of Indian Jammu & Kashmir for disturbing peace in India.  Thousands of innocent citizens killed in these attacks. These attacks injured lacks of citizen of India.

Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. The main problem between Pakistan and India is terrorism. Indian stance on this problem have changed since Narendra Modi has come to power. Now India is talking about POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and Balochistan as lot of human rights violations are taking place in both POK and Balochistan.

Uri Attack: latest attack by Pakistani militants on India.

On 18 September 2016, in early morning four Pakistani entered into Uri sector and attacked Indian military brigade head quarter. This coward act by Pakistan caused Indian Army huge damage. Eighteen troopers martyred in this attack. They threw 17 grenades on army tent where service men were sleeping. Thirteen out of 18 troopers killed in the fire.

This incident has made Indian people angry. They want quick action against Pakistan. But anger is natural when such type of incidents happen we ought to be angry but if we think calmly what options do India have.

India have lot of options to reply to this situation.

Diplomatic Solutions

India can use diplomatic solutions to contain Pakistan. India can use following diplomatic solutions

Isolate Pakistan

Isolating Pakistan on various forums, will put pressure on Pakistan to take strict action against Pakistan. Indian government have started work towards it. Two congressman from US congress have proposed a bill to announce Pakistan a terrorist sponsor country. Russia had cancelled the joint military exercise with Pakistan. France and Germany have fully supported India.


Biggest hurdle in this quest is China. Chinese wants a direct route to arabian sea so they decided to make a road from Chinese border to Gwadar port in Balochistan in Pakistan. It will make easier for them to carry goods directly to arabian sea. This is a 46 billion $ investment by China in Pakistan. China will never want that any how its CPEC project should be stopped. So it may be difficult for India to fully isolate Pakistan as China is its close ally.

China also wants to slow down the growth of India. India is growing with 7.5% GDP growth rate. That’s why for leverage over India, China uses Pakistan.

Downgrade Relation with Pakistan

one more thing India can do as a diplomatic solution is to send Pakistan High Commissioner back to Pakistan and recall India’s envoy from Pakistan.

Expose Pakistan on International forum

India should expose Pakistan on various international platforms as a terrorist sponsor country. International platforms like UN, BRICKS, G20 etc. India should use its envoys in various countries to build pressure on Pakistan.

Economic Solution

India should make pakistan pay for these attacks. India have given Pakistan most favored nation status. This status should be downgraded. India should ban every kind of business or trading with Pakistan. Indian government should pay the businessmen the loss that occur due to this sanction. Every import from Pakistan should be banned.

India should ban using it’s airspace for Pakistani aircrafts. It will cost them huge amount of losses as they have to take very long route. This will brake Pakistani economy’s back.

 Military Solution

India is spending large chunks of money over its defense.It is largest importer of arms in the World. India have just finalised Rafale deal with France, In which France will provide 36 ready to fly Rafale fighter aircraft to India. It has one of the most professional army in the World. It is capable of giving Pakistan befitting reply. What military options India have.

Surgical strike

India can attack on terrorist camps and destroy them. Our army is capable of doing this. They can send commandos to neutralize the militants camps.

Destroy the posts from terrorists try to infiltrate

India can destroy the posts from terrorists try to infiltrate. They can do heavy firing on their posts with heavy weapons.

Covert action

India can do a covert action in Pakistan to remove top militants commander. They can fund the anti Pakistan elements in Pakistan.

There are many options India can use against Pakistan. Pakistan has became a headache for entire world. Even America is fed up with Pakistan. America made Pakistan ally in in the war on terror after 9/11. But Pakistan never took serious action against terrorists. Pakistan did selective action against terrorists. Pakistan brought concept of good terrorism and bad terrorism.

Now whole world should unite to isolate pakistan. Now it is the time when tough action should be taken against Pakistan.


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