Kathak concert In Bikaner

“There is a rhythm in everything in this universe.”

“When we talk there is a rhythm. Rhythm is there in heart beat ,even in talking.”

These were the words of renowned Kathak Dancer Mahua Shankar.
SPIC MACAY Bikaner chapter organised the concert of Kathak classical dance.  Disciple of legendary Kathak Maestro Pandit Birju Maharaj and a renowned dancer herself Mahua Shankar performed at Central Academy School, situated at Sadul Ganj in Bikaner. Everyone in the auditorium was mesmerized by the graceful performance by Mahua. The way she interacted with the students of the school was plausible. When it comes to school kids and Indian classical music or dance, it takes some effort to get them connected because this not what they are habitual of watching but Mahua Shankar made it look effortless, and students too responded very enthusiastically and positively.

“Kathak is one of the classical dance form of India. Kathak is an art of telling a story with dance”.

The Performance


Mahua started her performance with Saraswati vandana offering prayer to goddess Saraswati. She gave examples of various common things around our life and then connect that to Kathak. Her example of the vegetables market and one of rasgulla was too fabulous. All children loved the way she showed them art of Kathak. Her expression of the face were self-explaining the story. She told a story of Krishna stealing makhan from the gopies. Children loved the way she performed that act.

The Jugalbandi

It was a jugalbandi between tabla and her ghungroo. We were feeling that there is some sort of communication is going between tabla and the feet of Mahua shanker. Children were surprised by the speed her legs were moving.



Vijay Mishra was great on tabla. His solo performance was very good.  Nupur Shankar was on vocal and Shuheb Hasan was on Harmonium and Vocal.

Some pictures of the Kathak Concert

Kathak Dance Concert in Bikaner



Mahua shankar at Kathak concert in Bikaner
Mahua talking with students


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