Center of Faith and Passion Punrasar Balaji Dham

People of Bikaner are in full enthusiasm. People are getting out of their home with their families on their feet, some people are on camel cart also. Every body is shouting and loud speakers are playing religious songs as all of them are heading towards Punrasar Balaji Temple.


Punrasar temple is situated at Punrasar village, almost 60 kilometers from Bikaner.

This fair is organised every year in the month of Bhardrapada (hindu calendar). Thousands of devotees from all cast and creed goes to Punrasar on foot. Every devotee is passionate about this journey. Devotees are from every age group, from kids to ladies and men. every body is chanting the name of Punrasar Balaji’s name पूनरासर बाबे की जय (hail Punrasar baba).


Punrasar Balaji history is 300 years old. According to the legend a famine took place in year 1774, people went out for wages and food. Every body was in lot of trouble. Jairam Dass Bothra was the resident of the Punrasar village. He went to punjab for food grains and wages.

When he was returning with laden food sacks in camel cart. His camel broken its leg. Camel was unable to walk. He insisted his colleagues to return to the village and he went to sleep. Suddenly after some time he heard that some one was calling his name. He went out and found nobody there then he came back and slept. Jairam Dass Bothra again heard his name and come out, still nobody was there. He remembered Hanuman with folded hands and asked the voice to appear in front of him.

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A sage appeared
Image of the Sadhu Giving Blessing
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A sage appeared in front of Jairam Dass Bothra. The sage was none other then Hanuman himself. He came in the form of sage. The Sage said to him that he knew that you are in trouble. But now there is no trouble. He then pointed towards the khejri tree. A Hanuman statue was lying there then sage asked Jairam Dass Bothra to take that statue to his village.

Jairam asked the sage that his camel’s leg had been broken and he is unable to go there. Then sage said him that his camel was ok. Jairam Dass Bothra looked at the camel and found that camel was absolutely fine. Then Jairam Dass Bothra took the statue with him. The sage asked Jairam Dass Bothra that he or his family members only should take care of statue of deity. He should not take help from any other. From that day successor of Jairam Dass Bothra take care of Hanuman Mandir.

In Punrasar 3 fairs take place in an year. Chaitra poornima, asoj poornima and 1 in bhadrapada month. Biggest fair is one that comes in bhadrapada. Thousands of people from Bikaner goes to Punrasar Dham.

people on camel carts going towards punrasar dham
people on camel carts going towards punrasar dham
people on foot going towards punrasar
people on foot going towards punrasar

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