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If you look yourselves. You are pursuing something from the beginning of life. When you were younger you were chasing something else. When you become an adult you were pursuing something else.  Some people are pursuing money, some people are in pursuit of love. But why people need to pursue something. It is because they feel that they are incomplete somehow. They always try to find missing self. That missing self is always a different thing according to our age.

Kid is happy

When we were kids we were pursuing toys, in adolescence, we were pursuing friends and girlfriend/boyfriend. When we become an adult we pursue money. If we look closer to these things one thing is common we are pursuing unconsciously happiness. When we were kids toys would have given us happiness as we grow older those toys become something else.

Why we Pursue Happiness

As I said humans are always in pursuit of happiness some people get it and mostly do not get that happiness.
Why does this happen? because we always try to find happiness outwards. We always think that we will be happy if we do certain things or you will become happy if you own a big car or big house. But does this happen? No, It is not. It is human’s tendency to always seek more than it has today. Suppose if in your life you always wanted to own some big house and after many years of hard work you got one big house but after some time you may think you need something else and this hunger is never satisfied.

You do not need a reason for happiness

Today, whatever your situation is, you can be happy. You just have to accept that you are happy. You do not need a reason for being happy. It does not mean that you do not follow your dream. Follow it but don’t attach it with happiness. You can follow your dream with happiness too. If you do not attach happiness and wellbeing for any reason you will see your life will become easier and that pursuit of happiness will end because you will already have that.

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