SEO techniques Series part 1: Introduction

In recent times, it is said that if you want to know about something search Google, and when we search Google we get the answers of our query. So we can say that Google (or any other search engine) knows everything.  Google uses lot of algorithms to show relevant search results to us. Panda, Penguin are some of the algorithms used by Google. We can use SEO techniques to make our website relevant.
Google is a search engine which search websites for us in the result of our query. Google shows results in lot of pages but we seldom go to 2nd page of the search results.

How to do SEO? learn about seo
How to do SEO?

 When we are content creator

Whenever we create content or website. We always wants lots of visitors to visit our website or blog so that we can show our content to them or sell our services to them. To get traffic on our website we need our website to come on first page of search engine so that probability of users visiting our website increases. For this we need to optimize our website for the search engine.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process to bring more and more traffic to your website using organic techniques.

SEO is a process where we want traffic to come on our site naturally from search engine. It is a way of drawing traffic to your website without paying to search engine company.

What is organic techniques for SEO?

Those techniques which follows search engine’s guidelines in such a way that it makes your website obtain a higher rank in the search results, without paying single penny to search engine company. some of the organic techniques are:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Link building
  • Writing high quality content

There are lot of techniques considered as organic techniques few of them are listed above. We will learn about these techniques in coming parts of our SEO series.

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What are SEO Processes?

white hat seo process
seo techniques

SEO process can be divided in following methods

1. Analysis of what to do?

It is the commencement of the SEO process where we do analysis of the proposed website for SEO. It is a report in which it is decided that how website owner can obtain a higher rank in the search results.

2. Strategy for SEO :- How to do it?

It is a step in which SEO techniques should be used is decided. Few of them are as study of target audience, study search pattern of the targeted audience.

  • Identify Keywords which are relevant to the target users
  • Finding gaps and opportunities.
  • Define competition
  • Continuously improving SEO techniques.

We will study them in our letter posts.

 3.  Get your hands dirty

After finalizing the strategy its time to implement them on our targeted website. There are many techniques for doing this.

  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization
  • High quality content generation
  • Directory submission

There are lot of techniques which we will learn during the course.

4. Wait for the Google page rank

Google page rank is a method in which Google checks the relevance of the page content with the search query. Google gives 0-10 rank to the website, higher the rank it will obtain the high rank in search results.

Types of SEO

There are mainly three types of SEO

White hat SEO

White hat SEO follows Google’s guidelines to improve the search engine to obtain higher ranks for the results.

Techniques used in white hat SEO

  • High quality content generation
  • Html Code optimization
  • Link acquisition techniques

We will learn these techniques in coming posts.

Black hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is using weakness of search engine to get higher rank in the search results. These techniques are directly conflict with the search engine. It produce a unpredictable results and often Google blacklist those sites who uses black hat seo.

Techniques in Black hat SEO

  • Link Spam
  • Hidden text
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Cloaking
  • Hidden Links

We will know more about them in coming posts.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is mixture of black hat and white hat. It uses 80% of white hat SEO and 20% of black hat SEO. These techniques are often used by SEO companies to deliver result faster. These techniques do not cross the line of black hat SEO but they are also far from white hat SEO.

I will be writing about various white hat and grey hat techniques in my next articles. Till then ” Keep Crawling and Keep Surfing….”.

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