11 Ways to fight with Summer

We are in middle of the April month, and temperature has already risen to near 45-degree centigrade. Northen part of India is feeling intense heat waves. So at this high temperature, it is necessary to take care of our health in this summer. So here are some ways you can beat the heat. We will tell you about few ways you can use to beat this scorching heat.


1. Drink a lot of Waterwater-2222825_640

Although we should stay hydrated all over the year but in the time of summer, it becomes the lot more important to make sure our body remains hydrated. Water works as a coolant to cool our body. When it is too hot outside or when we do some physical activity our body sweats to keep our body temperature normal.

We need to drink water more in summer because we sweat more in summer. If we do not drink enough water it may be fatal for us. Let us suppose your body as an air conditioner. Whenever we do some physical activity or if we have to go outside in hot weather our body starts air conditioning by sweating water out of our body. This water works as a coolant, To make sure we can beat the heat we need to refill our body with water.

2. Optimize Fans

You may be surprised to know that if you face your table fan outside of room than inside of the room, your room will be cooler and you will be able to sleep comfortably.  air-2260_640.jpg

This happens because that fan will throw room’s heat to outside. It will keep your room cooler. You can use this solution in day and night. You can even use a temperature controller which controls this fan whenever temperature reaches a certain level this controller starts the fan.

3. Do Not Quit Excercise in summer

exercise-1845753_640.jpg It may be difficult to exercise in summer, but you should not stop training just because It is summer outside. Exercise helps our body to fight summer. Just keep your body hydrated during exercise because after exercise lot of sweat will come out. You can also switch to water sports. You should also avoid direct sunlight during physical training.

4. Optimize Window


If you put the little effort on windows during summer, you might not need to run an air conditioner. What you have to do is close the windows with insulated drapes in the day and open windows at the night when the sun is not there. If you want you can also hang a wet towel in front of the windows so that cool air can come into the room. If you do this, you will feel the cool breeze flowing in your room.

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 5. Use a Makeshift Air conditioner

If you do not have an air conditioner, do not worry. If it is hot but not humid just take a bowl full of ice and keep it in front of a table fan. The ice will melt and evaporate, and then cold air will make you feel like the air conditioner.

6 Spritz yourself

Spray on your self in summer it will keep you cool

Keep one spray bottle in your refrigerator, If it is scorching hot outside just take that bottle out and spray it on yourself. As water evaporates, it cools you. Elephants use their tusk to spritz water on them self they use this technique to keep cool themselves. They start by spraying water using their trunks on its big ears. Humans should start from wrists to cool down the blood flowing through veins. It will cool them faster.

7.Eat light in summer


As mercury in the thermometer is rising it is advised to eat light food like salads etc. You should avoid junk food and oily food. You should eat light because body easily digest light food. Doctors advise that one should eat food with high water content in summer like tomato, coconut, cucumber, watermelon. It will not even keep your body cool but will fulfil the daily quota of nutrition.

8. Avoid Alcohol

avoid alchohol

Drinking alcohol in summer is not a great idea because it makes your body dehydrated soon. Due to this dehydration, you can feel dizziness, sickness and heat exhausted. Alcohol is diuretic It means it produces more urine, Kidneys produce extra fluids so it will lead you to dehydration. Due to the alcohol body also produces more sweat.     Instead of alcohol, you can drink healthy juices of various fruits.

9. Eat Spicy Food

According to scientists if you eat more spices you can beat the heat. Surprised! yes, it is true, according to the science if you eat more spice your blood circulation will increase and you will sweat! as the sweat will dry you will feel cooler. What spices do is that they bring sweat out of your body without raising your body temperature. Spices have 1 chemical capsacin which makes sweat out of your body without raising temperature.

10. Cool your body’s cooling points

According to LifeHacker If you cool your body’s certain points you may feel relaxed from the scorching heat. If you wrap Ice cubes in a towel and put around those points you will feel relaxed from heat. eg. wrist and neck are the few of the points which you can cool.

11. Use Ice Cooled Bed Sheets


Take your bed sheet and wrap a polythene on it and put that in your freezer for few hours.When you are ready to sleep take them out and make your bed. You will have a sound sleep.

These are some steps you can take to beat the heat. hope you will use one of the tips.


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