Taawdo: The Sunlight Review

Film: Taawdo: The sunlight
Director: Vijay Suthar
Cast: Preeti Jhangiani, Pradeep Kabra, Sachin Choudhary, Santosh Saini, Onkar Daas etc.
Rating: 3/5 star


Banwari (Pradeep Kabra) has two sons Ram and Kishan(Sachin Choudhary). They go to his father’s farm to give him food for his lunch. Both children go to their father’s farm via desert. While returning from the farm they decide to play in the desert. In playing the younger brother lose his slipper. Whole story revolves around the bright sunlight and hot desert. Because his slipper is lost he began to feel the heat around his feets due to hot desert. After Interval Paalki Bai (Preeti Jhangiani) comes to rescue them. Paalki Bai is from smaller caste. The sarpanch of the village is against the smaller castes. So this movie wanted to convey that everybody is same.

Taawdo Review

There was a curiosity in this film Taawdo and people were too excited for this Rajasthani film. The film has some Bollywood stars in it, Music is very good. Lalit Pandit has shown why he is one of the top rated music composer in the Bollywood industry. But the film lacked one most important thing: story.   Vijay Suthar’s performance as a director is average. The movie starts with a Restaurant scene where a girl and a boy are ordering food. The boy is too hungry but he gets a phone call and then He asks that girl to leave him at his home. Then the whole movie begins in flashback.


There are many good actors in this movie like Preeti Jhangiani, Pradeep Kabra, Onkar Dass, Santosh Saini, Sachin Choudhary, etc. But these actors are not utilised very well. Onkar Dass’s role as a cameo is not impressive at all. He is seen as Ganglo Naai but he is seen only two times in the movie. His role could have been increased. Pradeep Kabra has done a  good role in this film. Pradeep Kabra is also a very good athlete. He has shown this in the film. He has shown his acting skills well. Sachin Choudhary has shown some very good dance moves.  The younger brother of the Sachin Choudhary has done the most impressive work in the film.

Preeti Jhangiani’s role is very ordinary. Her role has much more scope than they show in this movie. Preeti has shown as an educated woman in the start of the movie but she has not used her education anywhere in the film. Santosh Saini’s role is also not utilised very well. His role should have been made more interesting. Dialouges of the movie is also very ordinary.


Taawdo film’s music is composed by none other than Lalit Pandit. Lalit Pandit is known for his music in the Bollywood. His music in this film is very good. Songs are very good and even have sung by famous singers from the Bollywood. Divya Kumar and Shaan have sung songs in this movie.

Boost for Rajasthani Cinema

This movie is an attempt to revive Rajasthani Cinema. Rajasthani cinema is very small industry only a few movies are made each year. If Taawdo succeeds then many more people will come forward to make more Rajasthani films. It is not only boost for Rajasthani Cinema but it is a boost for Rajasthani Language too which is also facing its own problems.

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