Titan Note Changing The Way We Take Notes

Humans take notes from the time of evolution, In ancient time people used to take notes on stones, caves. Many caves are in India where a lot of images are made by the old people before any paper was discovered. People at that time used to live in caves; There are many caves in which we can find pictures of those times people.

At around 100 BC paper was discovered in China and after that people started using paper for taking notes. So basically the thing is that the taking notes are one of the important tasks for humans. In recent times even apps are available where you can note like Evernote.

Situations where we need to take notes

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Almost everybody takes notes, but especially students and people who have to do a lot of meetings have to take notes. Most of them use paper and pen to take notes. In following situations, you need to take notes.

  • In Classroom, you are studying and have to make notes of important topics.
  • You are in a meeting, and you take notes.
  • Or you are in a seminar where you needs to take notes

But you may miss something, agree. We are humans not God so missing some points are natural. But today we are introducing you a new revolutionary gadget which will change the way you took notes in your life.

Titan Note: Change the Way You Take Notes

Titan Note is a small recording device which can fit into your hands. Just place it on the table and see the magic. It will not only record the voices but will exactly convert it into the text. Titan note will automatically make your notes Its that simple. It will work as a personal secretary whom you do not have to pay monthly salary. You can use it anywhere like in a classroom, in the meeting or in transcribing something you do not want to type. It will be good in public meetings also.

  • It can distinguish between speakers while taking notes.
  • It can summarise notes
  • It can translate notes between languages.
  • It has an ability to share notes
  • You can also listen to music in it.
  • You can charge your mobile phone using this device.
  • You can check notes taken by it with a mobile app.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 2.05 x 1.26 inches 

Weight: 3,5 oz (99 g)

Operating temperature: –15 – 55°C

Charging time: 1,5 h

BT smart, connection range: 33 feet  (10 m)

Battery time: Up to 55h when recording, up to 30h when playing music at 80% volume.

Water resistant: IPX5


Power bank: 

3800mAh  5 V  2.1A – up to two smartphone charges   

+500 recharges. 

Charges smartphones and tablets   

Li – poly battery

USB: 1 type A port

Overcharge protection (OCP), over voltage protection (OVP), and over-temperature protection (OTP).



Frequency response: 130Hz – 20kHz.  

3 W audio driver and passive subwoofer 

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): <0,5 % 

SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio): >95 dB 

This Titan note will be shipped in September 2017. Price of this product is 80$

You can check it at this link .

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