When You Feel Down

Believe in yourself, Because only person who can bring you out of your current situation is you.



Yes, you read that right. But sometimes it is hard to believe in something when everything is going against you. It happens with most of us. Sometimes people around you do not believe in you, even family do not support you. It happens most of the times with the entrepreneurs. People who take a different path than traditional one, have to face these situations somewhere in their life. People around you are getting success in their career but somewhere you think that you are getting failed, actually, you are put down by the society around you. You are made to think like that. People try to mock you. They even try to make your fun. But what happens when you are not made for that way? How to keep doing what you love?

If you are not successful yet, or the work you wanted to in your life has not fulfilled yet do not feel ashamed of it. Because there is nothing called “failure”. Failure just means that you are not ready for the success yet, You need to work hard.  You do not need to give up, You have to stand up and rise.

You need to see what you are doing wrong and how you can ractify your path towards success.

Keep Believing in Yourself

There is a story about a king who was defeated in a war. Somehow he escaped from the winning king. He reached into a jungle. There he saw a cave and went inside that cave. He became very sad and was thinking why he was lost. What did he do wrong? After some time The king saw an ant, which was climbing a wall. Each time the ant tried to climb the wall it fell down. But the ant did not stop its endeavor to climb the wall.

The ant kept pushing her limits each time she fell from the greater height.  But at the last attempt, she made it through. This ant made king put into thinking. What did that ant do? She kept on believing itself and climbed the wall. That day king also decided to believe in himself and then he gathered his army and recaptured its kingdom.

What this story tells you? This tells you that if you keep believing in yourself, you can also achieve your goal. You have to learn how you can keep believing in yourself.

Remember your achievements

Just look at yourself, do you think you are a failure? no, you are not. If you know how to drive cars on Indian roads you are successful than those who did not know it. Have you passed any exams in the past? if yes many people are failed in that. Do you have good friends? if yes, you are very successful because many people do not have this luxury.

There are many things in which you are successful.

Just apply those techniques which made you successful that time. It will help you to overcome any obstacles in your life.  Just do one thing make a list of your past achievements. In the first column, you write what achievements you have achieved. In 2nd column, write when you did that? which skills you used in that particular accomplishment.

My Achievements When I got these achivements Which skills helped me in this achievement
I Passed my post graduation 2013 I worked hard on my studies
I made a small game in vb 2012 I understood the logic
so on so on so on

Make your list like this and feel proud of yourself. If you can do these at that time you will certainly do it this time. just remember those were not small successes you put your hard work and effort to get that success.

Identify your skills

identifying those skills which helped you in getting success. If you are good with kids, means you have compassion towards those kids. You can use these skills to help kids those who need help, It will give you not only satisfaction but will help you in trusting your self.  Remember when you passed your higher studies, you did a lot of hard work. This means you have the skill to do hard work. When you learn to drive the car, you also learned the courage to drive the car. This means you have the skill for courage. Now when you have become an entrepreneur you have the skill to think about solving problems of other people. Do not underestimate your this skill.

Now when you have known your skills, Now it is the time to implement those skills in your work. You will be more confident doing that work which you already know how to do. So when you will look at those skills you know that you can use those skills in your new startup.


Know Your Weaknesses

Yes, It is difficult, but you have to accept your weaknesses and you have to make it your strong point. Most people fail because they do not accept their weakness. There is nothing wrong in that. Nobody is a perfect person. everybody has their own type of shortcomings. Some people are not good team workers, some people are not good leaders. Some people like to walk alone. Some people have a behavioral problem. People do not like them.

Sometimes making small changes in your lifestyle may get you out of that shortcomings. If your breath smells bad nobody will like to talk to you. If you have hygiene problem you need to solve that too. If people do not want to talk to you, you may have communication problems. You may sound rude to them. There are many people who are successful because of their communication skills. You need to work on that skill.  Once you overcome those shortcoming nobody can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Make Small Changes

You are not a robot or computer, you are a human. You can not change your habits in one night. It will take time. Although there are many people who can change their habits dramatically those are exceptions. List your those small habits which you want to change. If you are unable to wake up early in the morning write that. These are small habits which if you change will bring a lot of positive changes in your lifestyle.

If you start to get up one hour early than now, and you keep doing it for a whole year. you will have 365 more hours than last year.  In those 365 hours, you can do anything you like. Let us make a list of work you can do in that one hour which you saved just by waking up one hour early.

  • Start exercising:- you will feel more energetic and your productivity will increase.
  • Meditation: It will make your mind clear and you will be able to take better decisions.
  • Start reading books: It will help you to increase your knowledge.
  • …………………

the list is long it depends on you how you utilize that extra one hour. It is just one example. You can change anything you want to change.


Keep Learning

The day you stop learning your chances of growth will become very less. You need to keep learning to succeed not only in your startup but other aspects of life too. There are many channels by which you can learn the skills you need right now.

Read Books

Reading is a habit you should include in your life. It will change your perspectives. They will improve your life. There are many books related to your field of work. Read those books. You should read all short of books not only the field of your work. You should read books about self-help. You should also read novels. If you watch one hour TV daily. Change your that habit with reading books it will help you more.

Meet People

You should meet people and discuss things they care about. It will not only give you knowledge but It will also give you better communication skills. You should take their knowledge and try to include in your life. Meeting your friends will ease your tension.

Watch motivational videos on Youtube

sometimes watching motivational videos on youtube help you. They boost your confidence and you feel good. People like Sandeep Maheswari are giving great lectures on life. You should listen to them. Robin Sharma’s videos are also very good.

Do Not Quit

Remember why you started all these things. You will never be able to fulfill your desires if you quit. You are not failed till you do not quit. If you do not quit there is a hope, who knows you may be very near to the desired opportunity.




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